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The Ring of Fire Anthology by ET Russian

Image of The Ring of Fire Anthology by ET Russian


The Ring of Fire Anthology is a collection of the zine from the late 1990s by ET Russian (aka Hellery Homosex), and features new material never before published. Ring of Fire is honest, engaging, and ahead of its time.

Through black and white ink drawings, comics, linoleum block print portraits, essays, interviews and erotica, this collection explores the intersections of art, bodies, healthcare, ability, gender, race, community, class, healing and the politics of work.

Alternately emotional and erotic, funny and political, Ring of Fire tells the author’s personal story, and captures the work and words of various artists and leaders from disability culture and history. A young activist steeped in the cultures of queer and punk, Russian embraced a cultural identity of disability while writing Ring of Fire. Years later, Russian examines what it means to work in healthcare in the United States.

This is a BIG book, at 8'x10' and 237 pages!!!

"Ring of Fire is one of the zines that had the most significant impact on my thinking--it totally blew my mind when I encountered it in 2000. I am thrilled to see gripping material from RoF combined with insightful, transformative new writing and images about disability justice, health care, art and activism being distributed as a book. A whole new generation of activists will now get to use these materials to reexamine their communities and transform the world. ET Russian's clarity, honesty and insight is a phenomenal contribution to today's activists building disability justice tools and frameworks in multiple movements and communities."
--Dean Spade, author of Normal Life: Administrative Violence, Critical Trans Politics, and the Limits of Law

"The Ring of Fire Anthology is beautiful, sexy, and thought provoking all at the same time. If ever you've needed stories, art, poetry, and bad-ass rabble-rousing that connect disability and queerness, sexiness and radical anti-capitalist politics, look no further. ET Russian's vivid work lives and breathes these connections."
--Eli Clare, author of Exile and Pride

The Ring of Fire Anthology

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